Monthly Archives: May 2016


Don’t you just love it when someone puts something into perspective for you? Just in a way so clear that it makes perfect sense. Even better when it makes you wonder why you were even worried about it to begin with. Surround yourself with people that will do that for you. People who:

  • know what to say and when- or nothing at all
  • pick you up when you’re down
  • support you when they know you’re making the wrong decision, but you need the lesson the wrong decision will bring 
  • will give you the hard advice that you don’t want to hear 
  • will listen to you complain, even when they have bigger problems going on
  • laugh with you-sometimes at you
  • change the way you think 
  • forgive you when you make a mistake
  • hold you accountable
  • pushes you outside your comfort zone
  • make you a better person 

Above all people who will pray for you, with you, and love you for you.

So thank you to the people who do this for me, I am grateful for each and everyone of you!❤️